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 Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter

One of latest projects was repairing the body work on this Volkswagen Transporter, take a look at the images and see how we got on with the paintwork.

If you have recently crashed or damaged your Volkswagen, often insurance companies will encourage you to find the cheapest Volkswagen body repair deal. This is more often than not supplied by an independent body repair shop like ours, rather than a more expensive approved garage. If you call us with a description of your requirements, we can provide you with a competitive quote.

Independent Volkswagen Body Repairs

When using an independent garage, it’s best practice to assess the standard of work provided, and we’re confident that we can meet any expectations in this respect. We have the experience, equipment and expertise to deal with almost any types of damage in our Volkswagen body shop. We have dealt with numerous types of Volkswagen body repair for many clients, including major insurance companies and fleet managers.

Approved Volkswagen Garage vs Independent

Like approved garages, we have the full breadth of parts catalogues at our disposal so you can rest assured that your Volkswagen is repaired with genuine OEM parts, as it would be with an approved garage. Safety is a priority in the field of post-accident repairs, so we handle anything from minor dents and paintwork right up to assessing your car with a complete body jig to ensure that any hidden damage is also repaired and restored to its pre-accident state.

Our Volkswagon Body Shop Facilities

We also have a state of the art low bake oven so that your Volkswagen is restored cosmetically as well as physically. Our paint matches are exact and we have vast experience in mixing, applying and baking specialist car paint for all body work and damage repairs in our paint shop. If you have any queries about the length or breadth of work required, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

No matter what the category of your crash, we should be able to fix it at a competitive price. Using independent garages like us mean that your insurance company also pays less to cover the damage costs to your Volkswagen, keeping your premiums down.

We also offer a variety of services if you’re seeking modifications to your Volkswagen rather than accident repair. With the same access to genuine parts and a fully equipped paint and body shop, we can handle any modification requests, from resprays to fitting additional car parts. If you want to chat to us about a job – large or small, please telephone and we’ll be happy to help.