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 Audi Body Repair

Audi Body Repair

Autocraft have possibly repaired hundreds of Audi’s from each model, old an new. And we have created a mini project to show some of the common problems suffered by drivers each day. Take a look at our before and after pictures to see the standard of work you should expect from Autocraft.

You don’t have to use an Audi Approved Garage to repair your vehicle after an accident or bump and scrape. Insurance companies will often have their own recommended body shops but you’re free to get a quote from any garage. However, a lot people worry about voiding their warranty if car is fairly new, so you should check what is covered here:
Audi Warranty

That’s where Autocraft Wirral come in, we are an independent body shop who have vast experience repairing Audi cars.

A5 Audi Body Repair

Our projects range from dents and bumps to complete resprays. The project below illustrates the work, care and attention involved in repairing the door and wing of a new Audi A5. You can see in the first image that damage looks fairly minor but you can follow the progress .

Audi A4 Damaged Bumper

Damaged bumpers is somthing we repair everyday and the fairly new Audi A4 below is a perfect example of a typical job; although there are a lot worse!

You can see from the first image that there is damage to the bumper, rear brake light, indicator and boot. We also check for any structural problems that may have caused after the incident.