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 Mini Cooper Body Repair

Mini Cooper Body Repair

A Mini is a great car to own, with all the iconic associations, and the fact that they are just really cool cars – who wouldn’t want one? Quirky and fun with a personality all of their own, owning a Mini is great. But like any other car, there is a risk it will be involved in an accident.

Get a better deal with an Independent Mini Body Shop

If you do get caught up in an accident, it’s heartbreaking to see your pride and joy being damaged, and Mini accident repairs are a specialist service. Your first thought is probably that you should take it to a main dealer or Mini garage. However, you can almost certainly get a better deal by taking it to your local independent garage. An independent garage has to be good, they rely on word of mouth and recommendation to keep their business going and they don’t have the fall-back safety net of people going to the brand garage ‘to be on the safe side’. So for BMW Mini body repairs – and day to day needs and servicing – you are better off going to your local independent garage. They will have a team of repair specialists with a lot of experience, and can usually offer you a quicker service. Using your local independent garage will also make life easier for you as main dealers are generally out of town, meaning you’ll have the hassle of getting your Mini to them for repairs, and then having to arrange a hire car.

Mini Body Repair

John Cooper Repaired mini

Our latest project was to repair a Mini Cooper after the driver was rear-ended and damaged the bumper, the rear door and lights. We carried out our usual safety checks and gave the Mini a really good inspection to make sure we didn’t have to replace anything else.

And the big advantage of using your local independent garage is that they are likely to be significantly cheaper, so if you don’t feel it’s worth making a claim on your insurance and want to sort out your repairs yourself, you will save money.

Mini Colour Coding

Colour coding for Minis is no problem either, and once all the repairs to your Mini have been carried out, the paint job will be a perfect match for your original colour. So if the worst does happen to your beloved Mini, get in touch with your local independent garage – they will do such a good job that you won’t be able to tell anything has happened at all!

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