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 Repairing a Jaguar XJ

Repairing a Jaguar XJ

Autocraft continue to provide top-notch colour matching and coding on all major makes and models. Although we haven’t applied to be recognised for Jaguar approved body repairs, we have built up a fantastic reputation. You only have to read our reviews from our Jaguar owners to see how we help you save money whilst providing the service you would expect from a Jaguar approved repair specialist.

When we were asked to undertake the repair work on this Jaguar XJ, one of our team, who is especially fond of all things Jaguar was excited to get started and provide images to show the process in motion.

Thankfully, here at our independent body shop on the Wirral, the skilled craftsmen that make up our expert team are also insurance approved – with the companies appreciating our reputation for getting even the trickiest of repair jobs right first time.

Jaguar wing repaired

For this Jaguar, and other quality car repairs, we can offer the key benefit of independent body repair specialist pricing – reducing the costs compared to Jaguar approved body repair agents. However, this lower cost base never sees us scrimp on the parts we choose. For example, like our other work, this Jaguar body repair used only original Jaguar parts.

As you can see from the image, we carefully shielded and protected the remainder of this superb vehicle as we dealt with what was fairly major damage to its left wing. Not only did our experts painstakingly repair this, we also sourced the perfect Jaguar colour match to ensure that the finished work returned the vehicle to its previously pristine condition.

There is no doubt that a Jaguar, like its animal namesake, is at the top of the motoring food chain. As this XJ departed our premises, it gave our entire team a great feeling to watch this mighty beast, fully repaired and restored to rude health, glide smoothly back into the fast lane.

Like this and any other Jaguar repairs on the Wirral, if you have any marque of vehicle that’s in need of the tender loving care and absolute professionalism that the more than three decades of experience within our dedicated Autocraft Wirral team provides, please dial 0151 647 2105 or call into 12 Pilgrim Street here in Birkenhead for an obligation free quotation.