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 Mercedes Body Shop Repairs

Mercedes Body Shop Repairs

As an independent workshop offering like for like repairs, we regularly work on some of the world’s best cars. Our recent work on Mercedes Benz cars is a fantastic example of what we can offer. Take a look through some of our latest before and after repair images and get a feel for the quality of our restoration work.

Independent Mercedes Body Shop Repairs

We understand that the goal of any great body work is to look like nothing has ever been done. To achieve this, we use only original Mercedes Benz parts. We are also colour coding and matching experts, meaning the finished vehicle will look as good as it did when it left the factory.

Mercedes repairs require attention to detail. Whether we’re working on a new car that has had an accident or helping restore a classic to its former glory, it is important to make sure every millimetre is exactly as it is meant to be. We’re as exacting as the owners of these beautiful machines.

Damage to the right wing and door of this e220

Starting the Repair

We recently worked on this Mercedes. When it arrived, it had an unmissable bit of damage to the passenger’s door. The panel was dented, and the paint work was ruined. The accident had also meant that the door trim was damaged, and the wing mirror needed work.

We were able to carry out a repair that meant the vehicle was back on the road, looking perfect. To do this, we used original Mercedes parts. This is the only way to ensure that the vehicle looks exactly right. We repaired or replaced each damaged part, giving the body the correct look.

While it’s easy to look at a car and name the colour, this isn’t sufficient for repairs. After all, an older car might have a bit of sun bleaching, or may have a custom colour. The only way to make a repair completely invisible is to colour match the existing paint.

In this repair, we were able to perfectly colour match the rest of the paint work. Our expert spraying process meant that it was impossible to see where the old paint ended and the new paint started. Together with the body repairs, it means that the owner of this Mercedes was able to drive off with their car looking like nothing had happened.

Insurance Approved

As an independent body shop, we can also offer competitive pricing. We’re insurance approved too, meaning that you may not be out of pocket for your repairs. With great service and great pricing, insurance companies know that we get your repair right the first time.

To find out more about our insurance approved Mercedes body repairs, give us a call today.