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 BMW Body Repair

BMW Body Repair

At Autocraft we’ve recently taken on a number of BMW body repair jobs and thought we’d answer a few common questions we’re asked by customers who want body or paint work done on their car. Plus, we’ll throw in a couple of before and after images, because there’s no greater satisfaction than respraying a car and restoring its sleek, shiny paint job, particularly if it has come to us with nasty dents or scratches.

Do I need to use a BMW Approved Body Repair centre?

No, but the decision is about the confidence you have with your repair centre. If you’ve had just a minor accident, it could be that your BMW is mostly OK and it’s only the paintwork or outer body of the car that needs work. However, you should still get your car checked out by a body repair specialist – although you can get more affordable quote from Autocraft Wirral. We have over 30 years experience and know how BMW’s are put together; we’ll be able to spot damage that could have a serious impact on the way your car handles – damage that you may not have noticed yourself. No matter how minor you think your accident was, please get your car checked out; driving a BMW with a misaligned frame can be incredibly dangerous, and we’ll be able to straighten it out in no time.

How do you do your colour coding? I don’t want a dodgy paint job!

We know your BMW is your pride and joy, so we never believe in guesswork. We have full access to the OEM parts catalogue paint codes and will colour match accurately when doing your BMW body repair.

Can you do a full colour change on my BMW?

Yes, and we’ll do a top quality job, too. We have a large paint shop and are highly skilled in respraying, the images below are proof of that. We can respray your BMW in whatever colour you choose. You’ll almost feel like you’ve got a whole new car afterwards.

Is dent removal possible without replacing the whole panel?

This depends on the severity of the dent, but at Autocraft we aim to give you the best quality service for the most affordable price, and we’ll always endeavour to remove dents and respray the area if we can, so that you don’t have to pay for a whole new panel for your BMW. Over the years we’ve gained experience with all kinds of cars and know a few tricks of the trade for each make and model to ensure we get the best results and return your car to you in beautiful condition.

Do you do BMW modifications?

We like a bit of a challenge and we love helping customers make their cars look truly unique with some modifications. We can colour match all new parts and do any necessary resprays, too.